CNA-Certified Nursing Assistant

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

The purpose of the CNA program is to educate and train the student to become a vital member in the allied health field. The programs exceeds the state requirements in both classroom instruction and clinical training. Compassion and communication are cornerstones of the program which allows for the      execution of skills and appropriate care. Upon completion of the program, the student is thoroughly prepared to take the licensure examination.

The philosophy of the CNA program is to provide education and training to those who are interested in the allied health field. It is well known that CNA's are highly valued for their usefulness and flexibility. The primary purpose of the CNA is to assist the nursing staff with basic patient care. The training           program is aligned to graduate students who are compassionate and proficient in skilled care who are able to become a vital member of the healthcare system.

Expectations and Goals
Demonstrate ability to effectively communicate with patients/personnel
Perform & understand role of a CNA within a medical facility     
Execute tasks/skills using appropriate procedures

Course Description:
The CNA training program is approximately a fifteen-week (15) course.
 The curriculum is based upon 80 mandatory hours of theory and 40 mandatory hours in a clinical setting. The curriculum  addresses the role of the CNA. Cultural diversity, patient care, anatomy, physiology and rehabilitation/restorative services will be examined. Instructional guidelines for infection control and safety are covered according to the CDC and OSHA. CPR is included in this course. Students with CPR Certification must present their card.

Class Requirements

Class attendance and participation is mandatory 
80 Classroom/20 Clinical hours
Completion of chapters & skill's review
Obtain satisfactory ratings on exams

Supply Requirements:
Blood Pressure cuff
 scrubs (Classroom scrubs may be any pattern or color. Clinical scrubs must be white only.) 
Watch with a second hand

​Class Schedule:  
Evenings: Tuesday & Thursday, 5:30 PM - 8:00 PM.
Next evening class starts February 11, 2020 (Depending on enrollment, start date may change)

Tuition and Books $850.00. $300 towards tuition is due upon registration. Tuition must be paid in full by 7 weeks from the first class or student will be terminated. 
Money orders or cash are accepted. Personal checks and or credit cards are not accepted.

Additional Fees:
State application licensing fee $149.00.